Who in the world decides to become a writer while waiting for grandchildren?


                                  I’ve enjoyed a satisfying nursing career, but some time back I itched for a change. I needed to ignite a new passion, so I turned to what I love. I picked up the pen to write in my favorite genre, paranormal romance. 

                                  Starting a new profession later in life is more exciting than I could’ve imagined. I traded an addiction to reading for a dependence on writing. So far, I’ve completed a paranormal romance/urban fantasy novel,  and three paranormal romance novellas. And in May 2017, the first of The Jaguar Queens trilogy was published! 

                                  My own personal hero, husband Jim, is my biggest supporter. I’ll be thrilled if he ever reads my work!  We’ve lived in the Omaha, NE area since childhood and raised our family here. Together we have two adult sons, two lovely daughters-in-law and one perfect grandson. 

                                  After attending nursing school at the Nebraska College of Nursing I obtained a BS from the University of St Francis in Joliet, IL. Most of my experience has been in the Operating Room, but now I’m a Case manager for a Neurosurgery Department. 

                                 So many good people are in the writing industry! Both aspiring and published authors, some quite well known, have reached out to assist me at every turn. Most tell me they’re “paying it forward.” A culture of supporting one another. I am honored to join this cadre of artists.